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+ Web Design and Web development Experts

Web Developer MarbellaIn order to create a quality website a combination of interrelated abilities and skills is required. On this page we give a brief overview of these different skills which are our fields of expertise and we will explain the different steps involved to build and launch a quality website. If you are going to contact us for your next website you will know which steps we are going to follow and what we are going to require from you. If you do not want to hire a professional web developer and have decided you want to take things into your own hands these pages might help you to get started. If you are a professional web designer and require a web programmer, this page will inform you about the programming languages you can hire us for.

+ Web Planning, Design, Programming, Contents-writing and Production

web Designer MarbellaGetting a quality website up and running is more difficult than it seems. Like so many things in life the first step is to make a plan. Web-planning is also called web-architecture and like architecture itself involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria and is a distillation of several fields:

  • Web-usability
  • Information architecture
  • User-experience design
  • Interaction design
  • User-interface design
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information design
  • Web-design
  • Graphic design

During the planning stage of the website or web application, which is probably the most important stage of the whole process, the client's needs and online goals must be determined and a plan drawn up to reach these goals.

Once the plan complete we come to the design stage where digital artists use the previously elaborated plan and prepare the layouts of the website. A good design deals with the relation between its elements and creates a balance between them. Composition, colour, texture, and typography are the main basic ingredients for any design, whether for print or for the World Wide Web.

With the layouts prepared and the functionality planned the code is written to make the website come "alive". As promoters of open source software our platform of choice is LINUX and all our projects are written in open source programming languages. In the following sections we give a little overview of these "languages" and what they are used for:

+ PHP - Programming

PHP Programmer MarbellaPHP is an Open Source "server-side" scripting language that is especially suited for Web development. "Server-side" means that it runs on a web server reachable from a users local computer (the client). Operations are usually performed server-side because they require access to information (a database) or functionality that is not available on the client or requires typical behaviour that is unreliable when it is done client-side. PHP has become incredibly popular within the web development community. PHPs early growth can be largely attributed to its open-source roots as a free language that is highly compatible with other, also hugely popular Open Source technologies such as MySQL, Apache and Linux

+ MySQL - Database Design

Mysql Developer MarbellaMySQL is an open source relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. Free-software projects that require a full-featured database management system often use MySQL and it is also used in many high-profile, large-scale World Wide Web products including Wikipedia, Google and Facebook.

+ Xhtml - Coding

XhtmlXhtml which stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup is a language in which web pages are written. It is a combination of two other languages, HTML and XML and was developed to make HTML more extensible and increase interoperability with other data formats. XML is a markup language where everything must be marked up correctly, which results in "well-formed" documents. Today's market consists of different browser technologies, some browsers run on computers, and some browsers run on mobile phones or other small devices. The latter cannot, in many cases interpret a "bad" markup language. Therefore, by combining the strengths of HTML and XML, W3C recommended a markup language that is useful now and in the future.

+ Html 5 - Coding

XhtmlHtml5 is the fifth revision of the html standard and is intended to subsume html4 and xhtml in the furure. Although not a standard yet, the web is slowly but surely moving towards html5 and Big companies like Google and Apple are adopting html5 functionality in their applications and devices. The W3C has announced that html5 should become a standard in 2014. Current web browsers do not support all new html5 functionality and an interesting site to check what functionality your browser really supports can be found at html5test. At AVDL web Design, programming and development we are slowly and cautiously moving towards html5 as well, bearing in mind what current browsers can and cannot do.

+ CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

CSS to Xhtml MarbellaCSS is a mechanism for adding styles to web documents. Through the use of cascading stylesheets the same style elements can be applied to every page of a site. From the first page onwards, visitors will be presented with a consistent design scheme, building their comfort level and effectively promoting your brand or service.

+ Ajax- Rich and Interactive Websites

Ajax Web design MarbellaAjax is a group of interrelated web development techniques used to create interactive web applications. With Ajax, web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. This web-site is done with Ajax, as you can see the information reloads wihout reloading the complete page.

+ jQuery - The Write less, Do More Javascript Library

Jquery programmer in MarbellaJQuery is a lightweight Javascript library that simplifies a lot of client-side programming tasks and enables programmers to produce a lot more in less time. The JQuery library has become very popular among web developers and is being used by many of the big companies on the internet and even companies like Microsoft and Nokia have announced plans to bundle JQuery on their platforms.

At AVDL Webdesign in Marbella we have a passion for jQuery and believe that it is 'THE TOOL' to create rich, interactive websites. Lots of the tasks that until recently needed hours of coding in JavaScript or were only practical from a time/price point of view using flash are now nearly effortless performed. Nearly all our websites include the JQuery library nowadays, adding to a better user experience on both desktop and modern mobile devices.

+ Context-Writing

Context Writer MarbellaNow the website is functional it is loaded onto a test server and the texts and other contents can be added. Although we do not write the contents for the web-sites ourselves at AVDL, Web Development programming and Design we do have reliable sources available. Contents writing for websites is a profession aside and for the best results should be left to people specialized in the matter. Texts should be key-word rich and especially written with the search engines in mind. Most of the websites we produce are dynamic websites and equipped with easy to use contents management systems. In most cases the contents are added to the web site through these contents management systems by either the client or in some cases a third party, frequently on an ongoing basis.

Due to our international clientelle we are experienced in creating multilingual websites. For a website to appeal to a certain nationality, the contents should be written by a native speaker and someone familiar with the culture of the target audience. We have trained native translators for different nationalities available and can produce websites in a wide variety of languages.

+ Testing & Production

Web testing and Production in MarbellaWhile the contents is being added, the website is also tested. Testing a site means conducting Quality Assurance. During the programming or building process, the site has been tested against different browsers and platforms to ensure it is rendering correctly and not breaking or displaying incorrectly. Quality Assurance goes a little further than just that. The code must also be validated, checked to comply with accessibility standards and functionality.

During this final testing phase the website is also "fine tuned" with regards to loading speed and optimized for the search engines. All the web sites we produce at AVDL Web Development Programming and design comply with Google's guidelines to ensure quick and correct indexing with the search engines.

Finally the site is handed off, moved from the test-server to the final server, submitted to the search engines and the E-mail accounts created. Nowadays the social networks play an important role in the visibility of a website so during this final production stage the links and resources with regards to the social network are also put into place.

By no means does the relationship with our clients end here. We give a quality guarantee for several months with each website and as an option we offer our clients a maintenance contract.